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12/09/2018 (Wed)
Birds of the Russian Far East
By: Chris Collins
This talk will review the birds of this amazing, but little visited region covering the Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin Island and the Kamchatka Peninsula. Chris will talk about birds such as Tufted and Horned Puffins, Steller’s Sea-eagle and Siberian Rubythroat. He will also talk about some of the collaborative work undertaken between Birdlife International, Birds Russia and a New Zealand expedition company to locate populations of the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

Next Outing

23/09/2018 (Sun)
Field Trip to Witney, Oxon
Forthcoming Field Trip to Witney, Oxon on 23rd September 2018.
The start time for this walk is 0900 in the public car park by the Woolgate Shopping Centre. Toilets are available in the Centre. The walk is about 3.5 miles in length and should complete by lunchtime. The walk should allow us to encounter a wide range of birds as we pass through a variety of habitat types including the water-meadows. Hope to see you there.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2018-08-16Barnacle Goose30+Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2018-08-12Snipe1Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillAFR
2018-08-12Green Sandpiper2Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillAFR
2018-08-12Sandpiper2Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillAFR
2018-08-12Common Tern10Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Wheatear1Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Swift3Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12House Martin100Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Sandpiper3Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Chiffchaff4Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Goldcrest1Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Red-crested Pochard1Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-12Great Cormorant66Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Common Gull2Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Great Black-backed Gull2Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Sanderling2Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Ringed Plover1Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Sandpiper1Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Tufted Duck210Farmoor ReservoirDMLo
2018-08-11Common Tern8Farmoor ReservoirDMLo

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Little Gull
Little Gull
Mediterranean Gull