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08/03/2017 (Wed)
The Importance of Social Bonds in a Wild Bird Society
by Dr. Josh Firth
Please note that this talk is a change from that advertised in the Programme. Social behaviour is an almost ubiquitous aspect of all animal life. Through tracking the winter activity and movement of thousands of individual tits at Wytham Woods in Oxford, we are now able to study the social interactions within a wild bird community at an unprecedented scale. This talk looks at this data along with new experiments to assess, which factors shape the social structure and examine how social bonds between birds influence processes such as the flow of information about food, choice of nest site and who they choose to breed with.

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12/03/2017 (Sun)
Field Trip to Otmoor, Oxon
Forthcoming Field Trip to Otmoor, Oxon on 12th March 2017
The meet-up time for this trip is 0900 in the RSPB car park. The car park can be found by leaving Beckley and dropping down the hill, onto the moor. Go past the access to the rifle range until you reach the car park. Who knows what the weather will be that far ahead, perhaps the tag end of Winter or alternatively a warm Spring day. The prevailing weather at the time will, to some extent, affect the species we encounter.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2017-02-16Goosander1Stratfield BrakeJ K
2017-02-16PintailPAIRStratfield BrakeJ K
2017-02-16TealPAIRStratfield BrakeJ K
2017-02-16Little Owl1Little WittenhamBJWy
2017-02-16Marsh Tit2Little WittenhamBJWy
2017-02-16Treecreeper1Little WittenhamBJWy
2017-02-10Blackbird21Wantage: Humber CloseJCK
2017-02-09Red Knot1Farmoor ReservoirDJo
2017-02-07Crossbill2Stoke RowBJWy
2017-02-06Blackcap2Kidlington: High StreetCHJ
2017-01-31Little Egret1Wantage: Humber CloseJCK
2017-01-31Golden Plover200Stanford-in-the-ValeBHu

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Red Knot
Little Egret