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09/01/2019 (Wed)
The Habitat and Diet of Little Owls in Gloucestershire
By: Sam Croft
In this talk Sam will introduce the Little Owl with a brief description of its cultural history and population status. His talk will then describe his work on habitat surveys around nest sites along with contents of owl pellets in these areas and the relationship between habitat components of each nest site and diet. He will then describe how he used the habitat survey data to create and model potentially suitable Little Owl habitat in Gloucestershire.

Next Outing

16/12/2018 (Sun)
Field Trip to Draycote Water, Warks
Forthcoming Field Trip to Draycote Water, Warks on 16th December 2018
The meet-up time for this trip is 0930 in the Reservoir car park. This car park can be found by taking the A426 from Southam towards Rugby. Just past Kites Hardwick you will see the signs on the left for Draycote Res. This site has a café and toilets but also charges for parking (about 3 pounds on my last visit). There will probably be a good range of wintering wildfowl present on the date of this visit. Hope to see you there.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2018-12-11Tawny Owl1Wallingford: Barley CloseBJWy
2018-12-06Great Egret1Blenheim: Blenheim LakeRCA
2018-12-06Goosander1 mBlenheim: Blenheim LakeRCA
2018-12-06Raven2Blenheim: Blenheim LakeRCA
2018-11-27Barn Owl1Milton-under-WychwoodCB
2018-11-24Barn Owl1Milton-under-WychwoodCB
2018-11-23Barn Owl1Milton-under-WychwoodCB
2018-11-20Golden Plover50+BucklandMRo
2018-11-17Little Egret1Milton-under-WychwoodRCP
2018-11-14Caspian Gull1Farmoor ReservoirNJH
2018-11-13Mediterranean Gull1Farmoor ReservoirNJH
2018-11-12Caspian Gull2Farmoor ReservoirNJH
2018-11-10Barn Owl1Shotover: Watch HillAGG
2018-11-09Crossbill2Stoke RowBJWy

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