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Recent Sightings

Date Species Count Site Who
2018-10-17Grey Partridge7Buscot Wick: Weston FarmIS
2018-10-15Lesser Black-backed Gull200+BucklandMRo
2018-10-14Golden Plover70OtmoorGCo
2018-10-11Caspian GulladSutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2018-10-11Starlingc200Port MeadowRCA
2018-10-11Linnetc300Port MeadowRCA
2018-10-11Lapwing6Port MeadowRCA
2018-10-08Caspian Gull2Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2018-10-07Caspian Gull1st wSutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2018-10-07White / Pied Wagtail120+OxfordTDB
2018-10-06Caspian Gull1st wSutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2018-10-05Wheatear1Childrey WarrenAEd
2018-10-05Corn Bunting7White Horse HillIL
2018-10-05Sky Lark25White Horse HillIL
2018-10-05Meadow Pipit30White Horse HillIL
2018-10-05Stonechat1fWhite Horse HillIL
2018-10-05Linnet25White Horse HillIL

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