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Recent Sightings

Date Species Count Site Who
2019-05-18Barn Owl1Stanton St. JohnCEB
2019-05-16Stonechat1f 2 juvRadley GPWPB
2019-05-14Song Thrush2BamptonMRo
2019-05-12Cuckoo2River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-12Yellowhammer2River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-12Reed Bunting4River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-12Blackcap5River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-12Chiffchaff6River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-12Whitethroat8River Thames: nr YarntonMRo
2019-05-11Peregrine Falcon1Chimney: Chimney MeadowsWH

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