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12/02/2020 (Wed)

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16/02/2020 (Sun)
Great Tew, Oxfordshire
Forthcoming Field Trip to Great Tew, Oxon on 16th February 2020"
The meet-up time for this trip is 9 am in the free car park opposite the local school, which is in the centre of the village. Great Tew is about a mile south of the A361 which runs between Chipping Norton and Banbury. The walk is about 4 miles in length and passes through some quiet countryside. We should get a good trip list. Hope to see you there.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2020-01-21Siskin1Shelswell: Shelswell ParkIL
2020-01-21Raven2Shelswell: Shelswell ParkIL
2020-01-17Wood Nuthatch1Hill EndGWC
2020-01-17Goldcrest2Hill EndGWC
2020-01-17Robin1Hill EndGWC
2020-01-17Green Woodpecker2Hill EndGWC
2020-01-17Carrion Crow1Hill EndGWC
2020-01-17Red Kite1Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17Jackdaw2Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17Black-headed Gull6Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17House Sparrow20Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17Starling1Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17Blue Tit2Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-17Blackbird1Witney: Tower HillGWC
2020-01-13Stock Pigeon1Stratfield BrakeRCA
2020-01-13Shoveler1 maleStratfield BrakeRCA
2020-01-13Great Cormorant3Stratfield BrakeRCA
2020-01-13Mallard1 m, 1 fStratfield BrakeRCA

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Whooper Swan
Caspian Gull