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Red Kite Survey

Annie Soper is a biology student at Swansea University and is undertaking her final year research project on the effects of habitat disturbance on the hunting behaviours of Red Kites, (Milvus milvus) in Oxfordshire.

As part of her data collection she has produced a survey which she is hoping OOS members might like take part. It consists of 6 questions regarding people’s day to day observations of Red Kites within the Oxfordshire countryside.

The survey can be found at

Added 28/08/2019

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09/10/2019 (Wed)
The (Colourful) Nature of Colour Aberrations in Birds
By: Hein van Grouw
Aberrantly coloured birds have always intrigued people, resulting in many published records in the ornithological literature. In these publications a variety of names are used to identify and classify the pigment abnormalities. Most commonly, the terms Albino, Partial Albino or Leucism are used for the different forms of aberrant feathering, but in only a tiny proportion of cases are they used correctly. In the past, when little was known concerning plumage pigmentation and mutations, aberrant-coloured birds were often even viewed as being new taxa, and were even described scientifically as distinct species. In this talk Hein will give examples of aberrant individuals being named as new species, explain the nature of the most common colour abnormalities in birds and present a nomenclature for these abnormalities.

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22/09/2019 (Sun)
Field Trip to Warburg, Oxon
Warburg, Oxon

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2019-09-19Shelduck3Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Goldeneye1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Little Stint1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Ruff1Farmoor ReservoirDJ
2019-09-19Snipe1Lower Windrush Valley GPsR M G
2019-09-19Little Egret1Lower Windrush Valley GPsR M G
2019-09-19Lapwing67Lower Windrush Valley GPsR M G
2019-09-19Yellow Wagtail1Lower Windrush Valley GPsR M G
2019-09-19Little Grebe5Lower Windrush Valley GPsR M G
2019-09-18Barn Owl1A420: near ShrivenhamR M G
2019-09-16Little Grebe12Appleford: Appleford GPIL
2019-09-14Wheatear1Elsfield: Long WoodSL
2019-09-14Red Kite6Water EatonSL
2019-09-06Kingfisher1Iffley: Weirs Mill StreamSL
2019-09-05Caspian GulljuvSutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2019-09-05Yellow-legged Gull12Sutton Courtenay: Sutton Courtenay landfillIL
2019-09-04Swift10Farmoor ReservoirIL
2019-09-03Spotted Flycatcher1Stanton St. JohnCEB

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Little Stint
Manx Shearwater
Manx Shearwater