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28/04/2021 (Wed)
The Musicality of Birds
By Geoff Sample
In this talk Geoff explores the different kinds of songs we find in birds, with a focus on European species, and outlines the behavioural ecology that has shaped the various styles of species songs. From the complex hidden structures of skylark song to the simple repetitive patterns of great tits and the frenetic improvisations of marsh warblers, we reveal the musicality of birds and its role in their lives.

Bird News

Date Species Count Site Who
2021-04-18Barnacle Goose2Abingdon: Peep-o-Day LaneSPB
2021-04-17Golden Plover12Radcot LockMRo
2021-04-17Curlew4Radcot LockMRo
2021-04-16Redwing1Southfield Golf CourseTDB
2021-04-13Little Egret1Milton-under-WychwoodCB
2021-04-10Ring Ouzel1Headington: Warneford MeadowTDB
2021-04-06Cetti's Warbler1Kings LockWH
2021-04-06Kingfisher1Kings LockWH
2021-04-06Oystercatcher1Kings LockWH
2021-04-06Fieldfare1Kings LockWH
2021-04-06Snipe1Pixey MeadWH
2021-04-06Willow Warbler1Pixey MeadWH
2021-04-06Cetti's Warbler1Yarnton MeadWH
2021-04-06Shelduck2Wytham: A34WH
2021-04-06Red-crested Pochard2Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor IIRAB
2021-04-06Ring Ouzel1Stanton St. JohnCEB
2021-04-06Ring Ouzel1Stanton St. JohnCEB
2021-03-30Willow Warbler1WatchfieldAEd

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