Oxonbirds Charter
(Guidelines for Posting)

List owner: Carl Salmon.
Moderators: Dave Dunford, Ian Lewington.

Welcome to the Oxonbirds mailing list. We are a friendly email list comprising around 330 subscribers with an interest in the birds of Oxfordshire, England and issues that affect birdwatchers in the county.

Please make yourself familiar with this charter and use it when sending messages to the list. If you post messages outside the remit of this list then you may find yourself open to messages that will quickly correct your error; persistent offenders will be unsubscribed from the list.

The following categories of postings are not welcome:

  • mention of scarce/rare breeders - if anybody requests information on a rare breeding species, please do not reply (whether privately or via the list)
  • messages of an offensive nature (Oxonbirds is listed as "Safe for Kids" on the Yahoo Groups website)
  • messages with binary or other attachments (e.g. pictures, word-processor files, HTML)
  • commercial advertising matter
  • test messages (address all problems to the list owner)
  • off-topic messages (such as hoax virus alerts - please check with a reliable source such as Symantec before forwarding any such messages to anyone)
  • rarity news from outside Oxfordshire - unless the species concerned is extremely rare in the UK, or the location is fairly accessible from Oxfordshire, or you are offering or requesting a lift. In any case, please keep such messages brief, and include the words "National Rarity" in the subject header.
  • HTML postings (please set your mail program to post in Plain Text - contact the Listowner for guidance)

Members of the telephone-based Teletree should continue to forward messages they receive in the normal manner, regardless of whether they or the person they are ringing may have received the news by email.



Please quote only the relevant parts of previous messages. Remove signatures, header/footer information and the automatic Oxonbirds signature quoted in your replies.

Subject Line

Use the subject line! (e.g. change the subject line if replying to a previous post but changing the subject). Acronyms such as RFI (Request for Information) are welcomed. Long messages should have the word LONG in the subject line.


Who are you replying to? If replying personally, might the answer be of interest to the rest of the list? If asking a question, can you request private replies and then post a summary to the list or interested parties?

This is your charter. If you would like to amend anything then email the list owner.

How to use the List

To subscribe

email oxonbirds-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (subject and message body can be empty

To unsubscribe

email oxonbirds-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com (subject and message body can be empty)

To post to the list

Send email to oxonbirds@onelist.com.

To get Digest mode

For one email per day containing all postings from the previous 24 hours, email oxonbirds-digest@yahoogroups.com (subject and message body can be empty)

To get Normal mode

To receive each message singly as sent, email oxonbirds-normal@yahoogroups.com.

To stop receiving messages temporarily

email to oxonbirds-nomail@yahoogroups.com. Follow the instructions above for Digest or Normal mode to start receiving messages again.

Having problems?

Inform the listowner - Please do not post the message to the entire mailing list unless it may affect them.

To view archived messages

See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oxonbirds/messages/.