Bernard Tucker Memorial Lecture

Bernard Tucker was the founder of the OOS; since 1951 the Society has held, jointly with the Ashmolean Natural History Society, an annual lecture in his memory. Since 1996, the Lecture has been sponsored by British Birds magazine (of which Bernard Tucker was Editor). A list of past speakers is given below.

Year Speaker Topic
1951 Philip Brown RSPB Reserves
1952 Niall Rankin Wildlife in South Georgia
1953 R. P. Bagnall-Oakeley Passage Migrants and Vagrants in Norfolk
1954 G. K. Yeates A Bird Photographer in Iceland
1955 Eric Hosking Bird Photography
1956 R. S. R. Fitter and R. A. Richardson The Identification of Waders
1957 John Barlee Some Problems of Bird Flight
1958 K. Williamson Recent Developments in Bird Observatory Work
1959 R. M. Lockley The Lives of the Seabirds
1960 Lord Alanbrooke Birds in Holland
1961 E. M. Nicholson Ornithology and the Future
1962 C. C. Doncaster Scandinavian Birds
1963 D. Lack Watching Migration by Radar
1964 R. E. Moreau Australian Birds and their Ecology
1965 B. Campbell Pied Flycatchers in the Forest of Dean
1966 N. Tinbergen Aspects of Predation
1967 A. C. Perdeck Some Aspects of Migration
1968 James Fisher The Pleistocene Overkill
1969 David Snow Birds and Fruit
1970 G. Waterston Bird Protection in Scotland: Operation Osprey
1971 Sir Hugh Elliott A Bird Census Plot in Tropical Africa
1972 Prof. R. A. Hinde Nest Building Behaviour and the Problem of Instinct
1973 W. H. Thorpe The Role of Vocalisations in the Social Life of Birds
1974 J. P. Harrison Thames Transformed
1975 D. B. Hunt Birdwatching in the Isles of Scilly
1976 J. Parslow The Role of the RSPB
1977 R. Treleaven The Peregrine Falcon
1978 I. J. Ferguson-Lees The Seychelles
1979 Eric Simms Suburban Birds
1980 Ian Newton Pesticides and Birds of Prey
1981 Donald Watson Upland Birds in a Changing Landscape
1982 Michael Rowntree From Cassington to Corfu
1983 James Monk Editorial Matters
1984 David Snow The Fruit-eating Habit in British Birds
1985 W. D. Campbell Birds, Bugs and Berries
1986 Max Nicholson How Ornithology has Moved On 1936-1986
1987 Richard Fitter Black Woodpecker - British Bird or Not?
1988 Malcolm Ogilvie Islay - Geese and Conservation
1989 Jeremy Greenwood Birds as Agents of Natural Selection
1990 Robert Gillmor Bird Art and Illustration
1991 Christopher Perrins Mute Swans: Their Ups and Downs
1992 Jonathan Kingdon The Rare Endemic Birds of Africa
1993 Prof. John Krebs Bird Brains: Are Birds Intelligent?
1994 D. I. M. Wallace Fifty Years in the Field
1995 Chris Mead Ringing around the World
1996 Robin Prytherch The Buzzard: A Success Story
1997 Prof. David Parkin Splits and Lumps and the British List
1998 Rob Fuller Woodland Birds in Britain and Europe: from Primeval Forest to Coppiced Woodland
1999 Tony Marr The Agony and the Ecstasy: Atlantic Ocean Seabirding
2000 John Brucker Bernard Tucker and Ornithologists of the 20th Century
2001 Prof. Nick Davies FRS Cuckoo Tricks with Eggs and Chicks
2002 Dr Janet Kear OBE Cavity Nesting Ducks
2003 Hugh Boyd British Ornithology 1940 to 2040
2004 Dr Andrew Gosler Yet even more ways to dress eggs
2005 Pat Monaghan Grow Now, Pay Later, Long Term Consequences of Conditions During Early Life in Birds
2006 Pete Potts Greenshank Migration
2007 Prof. Angela Turner Swallows
2008 Prof. Tony Fox What makes for a successful alien? Observations on introduced wildfowl
2009 Michael Marquiss Case Studies with Predatory Birds
2010 Guy Anderson Sparrows - possibly the best birds in the world
2011 Nigel Collar A Species is what I say it is
2012 Chris du Feu 40 year of Integrated Population Monitoring in Treswell Wood
2013 Dr Tim Birkhead Bird Sense: What it's like to be a bird
2014 Prof. Ian Newton Bird Migration
2015 Dr Ken Smith Roads to Recovery - history of the RSPB
2016 Dr James Pearce-Higgins Birds and Climate Change
2017 Prof. Tim Guilford The Shearwater's World
2018 Prof. Richard Gregory Saving Nature
2019 Dr Jenny Dunn Conserving Turtle Doves
2020 Prof. Martin Collinson Molecular Birding: the New ‘New Approach’ to Identification
2021 Prof. Juliet Vickery The Challenge of Conserving Birds that Cross Continents and Cultures
2022 Dr Charles Deeming Understanding the functional properties of bird nests during incubation
2023 Prof. Jennifer Gill Bird Migration in a Changing World